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Kaizen is a Japanese term that means “change for the better” or “continuous improvement”. It is a business philosophy ingrained in Japanese culture that focuses onimproving operations and involving all employees. The term was introduced to theWestern world by Masaaki Imai, the founder of Kaizen Institute.
According to Masaaki Imai, Kaizen means continuing improvement in personal life, homelife, social life, and working life. When applied to the workplace, it involves everyone,including managers and workers alike.

At Kaizen Japanese Cuisine we share that same philosophy.
Miguel de Vega started his Japanese cuisine journey in 2007 after a life changing trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.
Shortly after his trip, he decided to attend the prestigious culinary school of Hofmann. Once concluded his studies, he had the great opportunity to work together with Diego Guerrero at El Club Allard, a 2 -Michelin star restaurant, and thereafter with Martín Berastegui, a worldwide recognized 3- Michelin star chef.
Then in 2014, his big dream came true when he opened his first restaurant in Madrid with the name Doki Doki where his passion for Japan and the Japanese cuisine are perfectly represented.
Doki Doki, with Miguel’s passion, creativity, and not at least hard work, quickly became a great reference within the culinary offer in the Spanish capital.
Only 4 years later, Miguel opened a second restaurant in the same city; Kira Kira, where his love for Japanese Cuisine continues.
Then, in June 2021, when the world still is in awe over the events in the last few years, Miguel opens his third restaurant, Kaizen, in the beautiful and breathtaking Crans-Montana in Switzerland. With his latest project, Miguel is doing what he knows best; namely bring a little piece of the Japanese Cuisine to the most wonderful place in the middle of the Swiss Alps.
We are only as good as our raw materials are. Our chef selects the material by himself since that is his way of doing things.
He also travels often to Japan, to get to know at first hand the new tendencies that come around.
And because of that, you will always find top quality at Kaizen.
When you come to visit, you deserve only the best.

Food tastes better when shared with friends
and family ♥


    You find us in the spectacular Crans-Montana situated in the Swiss Alps.
    We are delighted to say that Kaizen Japanese Cuisine is certainly a restaurant with a view.
    Treat your loved ones to a delightful dining experience!
    Our gift cards are the perfect present for any occasion

    Food tastes better when shared with friends and family ♥

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